Welcome to Animal Logic’s USD ALab.

TL;DR: Open entry.usda to get started.

Applications with USD support, such as Maya-2022, Houdini-18.5, Omniverse and many more should be able to load and render the provided assets. For quick preview and inspection, USDView is a great starting point:

Glimpse (AL proprietary) Omniverse Create Houdini (Karma) Maya (VP2/render) UsdView (Storm/render)
Glimpse Omniverse screenshot Houdini screenshot Maya 2022 screenshot UsdView (render purpose)


About ALab

The ALab is a freely available project which provides an example of Animal Logics’ USD production assets.

It is derived from an internally produced project, rather than created from scratch as a “USD reference implementation”. It consequently exhibits the complexities (and some of the messiness) of real production assets. If one were to build a USD structure for the sole purpose of showcasing USD, it would lead to a different result.

Why did Animal Logic create these Assets?

We created them to be used internally, primarily as a data set free of restriction for:
- Training of Developers, TDs and Artists
- Discussion Reference (“something to point at”)
- Production / Stability Testing
- Tool / Unit Testing
- Pipeline Modifications Testing
- Workflow Experimentsq

What do we hope you’ll do with them?

The same as we do internally. We have adopted the Academy Software Foundation's Asset License which is an incredibly permissive license as we welcome the use of these assets broadly.

Contact & Feedback

We have set up a google Group, similar to Pixar’s “usd-interest” for ALab specific discussion and feedback. Please join here: